Simple!!  Just like any other picture you would have in your home.  You can just pat it with your hand and wipe the frame (if it’s in a frame) with a dusting clothe.

If you want to use something other than your hand, a clean soft paint brush works nicely.

SMOKERS: I suggest putting your piece under glass to protect it from nicotine stains.

ABSOLUTELY!  Just think of an Oriental Carpet.  It is made from wool, people WALK on it, and people LOVE them because the LAST SO LONG!!  You could pet these all day long!  Just don’t pull on the wool as that would make it come out….. just like a carpet!

If you need to store it for any amount of time.  Again, just like any picture, you store it in a safe dry place.  For extra protection you could put it in a sealed plastic bag with cinnamon or lavender to ward off any critters.

ABSOLUTELY!   We can certainly work together to get the perfect colors and sizes of just about anything you would like!

Contact me for a quote.

If an accident should happen to your picture, like a rouge child or cat got a hold of it, just send it to me and I will fix it for you.  You pay for shipping.

Your order will be shipped out within 2-3 business days from when you placed your order. I will ship it USPS Priority within the U.S.